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Sophie Cooper

Sophie for profileHi Im Sophie. I'm 18 and I'm a student at Leeds Thomas Danby College.

I started Ju Jitsu when I was 8 with my cousin when there was a club at Fearnvilles Leisure Centre. As well as starting Ju Jitsu I also started a trend because since then, my Mum (Sensei Jackie), my Step Dad, (Sensei Andy) and my sister (Hazel) started up.

When I was 14 I stopped attending the classes for a while and after my mum over took me and got her black belt, I decided to start back up again.

I personally think it is dispicable that my mum and step dad started Ju Jitsu after me and the are black belts before me but its all good cos I'm starting to catch up. I'm now on my brown and black stripe, so I'll hopefully get my black belt before my little sister Isabelle is allowed to join and I'll be able to teach her.