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Shihan's Patrick and Mike 5th dan awards

After many years as the chief instructor and owner of Leeds Samurai Martial Arts Sensei Patrick was awarded his 5th dan on the 22nd March 2009 by Soke David Kacperski.
The award was made at the Bujutsu Course in Chesterfield.
Patrick 5th dan
Patrick 5th dan 2
Soke David, Sensei Patrick and Soke George.
Sensei Patrick with other course attendees
Patrick 5th dan 3
Patrick 5th dan 4
Instructors on the day
Sensei Patrick and Martin 
 On the 25th March 2009 Sensei Mike was also awarded his 5th dan by Shihan Patrick.
Shihan Mike
Patrick 5th dan
Mile 5th dan
Shihan's Patrick and Mike, 5th dan
Shihan's Patrick and Mike, 5th dan
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