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News letter 5

Issue No 5


Sensei Mark Horbury

April 2009



FROM Leeds Samurai Martial Arts


So I guess it’s fair to say it’s been awhile since the last issue of ‘The Samurai’ but have no fear avid readers it’s back and just in time for the beginning of the new year, yet again it would be fair to say it has been a brilliant start, many newcomers have joined and many old timers standing steady.

The Seminar – November 2008

Now then, we all remember that day in November 2008, and I believe the general reaction was an extreme sense of failed failure, or better known as success –queue laughter at funny quip-, on a serious note we have these particular messages, from Soke Dave Kacperski and Soke George Ross

"We attend many events throughout the world, but rarely do we see such

             Professionalism and dedication as what we witnessed at your event"

And the next message is from Sensei Patrick to all classes

"Our annual seminar and awards ceremony proved to be a major success.  I have been inundated with

 kind comments from your parents and friends who attended on the day.  Furthermore, Soke David and

Soke George were overwhelmed with your technical ability and how well you performed your moves on the day. 

They visit many clubs and they commented that ours is ‘a cut above the rest’.  This is down to yourselves and

your instructors, and the continued hard work and effort that you all put into your weekly training.


Congratulations to all who won an award.  Let’s now continue our efforts so that this year, we can be even

better, and who knows?  Maybe your name will be on one of the awards in 2009.


Thanks to Sensei Andy, there is a lot of video footage and photographs – maybe you’re on one of them. 

Also, I would like to hear your comments, so please leave a message in our guestbook.


It was a proud day for all involved in our seminar and I look forward to the future,

and the continuation of training with yourselves."

And for the record I have been faithfully informed that many of you enjoyed the weapons demonstration performed by many of our students from our various clubs, and let me put it as such, you didn’t enjoy as much as we did... that’s actually a lie because I know for a fact every last of our students were quaking in their proverbial boots.

Award winners

Sam Broom

Best attendance for Riccall


Daniel Cowley

Best attendance (junior) John Smeaton


Leane Farrell

Student of the year (senior) John Smeaton


Ciaran Harper

Student of the year (junior) John Smeaton   


Andrew Jackson

Best attendance (senior) John Smeaton


Hayley Marshall

Best attendance (junior) Kippax


Daniel Neal

Student if the year (junior) Kippax


Jack Hanslope

Student of the year (junior) Riccall

Obviously congratulations is very much in order where it is due and for the last time concerning 2008 congratulations, now lets see if you can all exceed yourselves this year.



Big congratulations to the following who have been awarded Black belts recently:

Sensei Patrick Powders – 5th Dan

Sensei Mike Douglas – 5th Dan

Sensei Stacy Burns – 4th Dan

Sensei Fiaz Jones –1st Dan

Sensei Lewis Georgiou – 1st Dan

Keep training hard and you will get there too!!

Sensei Profile

This time it’s the turn of Sensei Stacy Burns

I have been doing Ju-Jitsu for around 13/14 years, I started training in a small club in Woodlesford, which eventually expanded in to the Academy where I taught and trained around 7-8 times a week. With all this training my fitness levels peaked and I worked my way up to Brown Belt black tag quite quickly.

At the annual seminar which that year was held in France I graded for my Black belt and had the honour of being graded by Ray Huggins 10th Dan in Ju-jitsu. I have continued training and have made my way up to 4th Dan black belt now which was awarded to me by Soke George Ross at the Annual seminar in John Smeaton.

I teach the Riccall Club every Tuesday at the Regen centre and I am extremely proud of my students.

Doing Ju-jitsu has made me a confident independent person and I would not be the person I am today if I had never done it.

I always have and always will love doing Ju-Jitsu it’s not just about the training it’s about the people I train with and the other instructors I have the privilege of training with. In today’s world you need to be able to look after yourself and I feel always confident that if I ever needed to, I could.