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Welcome Letter....

Welcome to Leeds Samurai Martial Arts


Thank you for expressing an interest in training at our Leeds Samurai Martial Arts clubs in the art of jujitsu, a Martial Art from which Judo and other Martial Arts were developed into the sports they are today


 We welcome people of all ages and  run classes at Kippax Leisure Centre, John Smeaton Leisure Centre, Crossgates, and The Regen Centre in Riccall, York.  Both the Kippax and John Smeaton Clubs were established in 1997, with the Riccall club being established shortly after. At the time there were no other clubs operating in the areas.  The clubs were established so that students could learn the art of self defence, and they could if needed, defend themselves against attacks whilst at the same time having fun learning.  We firmly believe that these aims have been achieved, and our clubs are a success, proven by the length of time our classes have been running and the popularity of the classes

 Timetable of Classes

 Tuesday         6-7:30pm       The Regen Centre, Riccall, York

Wednesday   6-8:00pm       Kippax Leisure Centre, Station Road, Kippax

Thursday       6-8:00pm       John Smeaton Sports Centre, Crossgates, LS15


 Students should wear loose sports clothing to begin with. Please note however, that students must wear the official Training Suit (Gi) in their club colours before grading for their White Belt/Red Tag. (Many students get them earlier).  These can be ordered through our Association via Shihan Patrick.

 What form do the classes take?

For the first few weeks you/your child will be taught about training etiquette; how to address Sensei; how to break fall (fall safely); basic blocks; kicks and punches.  Bad behaviour or horseplay is NOT acceptable.

 Whilst we understand that parents/guardians will want to know that their child is well looked after, we do not encourage parents to watch as we find it distracts students and there is a tendency for showing off.

 We see a lot of our students develop in self-confidence, become more disciplined, learn to respect others, and enjoy the physical activity which is all part of Martial Arts training.

 Becoming a member

 As listed above in the fees section, there is an annual membership fee, which covers insurance for our classes. 

Week 1 is very much a taster session and is free of charge.

Week 2 New students will be issued with an ASBC application form.  Every student has to have current membership to train – this is necessary for insurance purposes

Week 3 The completed application form should be returned together with 2 passport photos and the membership fee.

Week 4 Students will become a member of our club providing that all necessary paperwork is completed.  No students will be allowed to continue training past week 4 without the completed form.


 We run a website for our clubs which includes a photograph gallery and video diary section.  In order for this to be a success, we do use images of our students.  We need your permission prior to using photographs / videos of your child, and when your child becomes a member we will ask you to sign a form providing your consent.   The full name of any student will not be linked to any image produced or used in conjunction with the website or newsletter of Leeds Samurai Martial Arts Clubs.


 Progress is assessed at regular intervals, usually every 3-6 months, and all gradings take place at the student’s usual venue.  The Grade order is as follows: White Belt/Red Tag, Red Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Brown Belt/Black Stripe, Shodan Black Belt.  You should expect that the better you get, and the further through the grades you progress, the longer it will take between gradings to ensure you are fully prepared.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are qualified Instructors/Coaches and are trained First Aiders who have undertaken Child Protection courses.  All Instructors have also been CRB checked.  You/your children are in good hands

The instructors have many years experience in martial arts and are as follows

Shihan Patrick Powders              5th Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Shihan Mike Douglas                    5th Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

 1st Dan Black Belt Judo

Sensei Stacy Burns                       4th Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei Jackie Sheader                 2nd Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei Sam Broom                        2nd Dan Black Belt Juijtsu

Sensei Lewis Georgiou                2nd Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei Derek Wright                     2nd Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei Andy Sheader                   1st Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei James Pickup                   1st Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Sensei Martin Price                        1st Dan Black Belt Jujitsu

Association Rules

  • Always bow when entering or leaving any of the dojo’s or when stepping on the tatami (Training Mats)
  • Always address the Instructor as Sensei
  • Always show consideration and safety for other students when training
  • Always conduct yourself in the manner befitting a member of the Association of Samurai Bujutsu Clubs, both inside and outside of the dojo
  • All students must be fully paid up members of the Association with an up to date license before they may grade
  • No jewellery of any type may be worn during training
  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the tatami (Training Mats)
  • No student may leave the dojo without Instructor’s or Coach’s consent
  • Injuries prior to the session must be reported to the Senior Instructor
  • The Head of the Association reserves the right to terminate a membership if these rules are breached or if the student is deemed unsuitable to continue Martial Arts training

 Other benefits

 Most people who join our classes do so as a result of word of mouth.  In order to continue in the success of our classes we like our students to tell a friend and bring them along to their first session for free. Once they become a member, they will then get another free session!!  When you do bring someone along, if they become an official member, then we will reward you too – we will give you 2 free sessions for introducing them, and also a Sai Badge.  If you introduce 2 members then you will also get a Bushido badge.   So, if you enjoy jujitsu and you know someone who may be interested, then bring them along and if they become a member, you can then claim your rewards.

 You are welcome to come along and see us at any of our classes however if

you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Shihan Patrick who will be happy to help.  We very much hope that you/your children enjoy Jujitsu at our club, and we look forward to welcoming you soon

 Shihan Patrick Powders

5th Dan Black Belt

Chief Instructor

Leeds Samurai Martial Arts