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Sensei Sam Brook

Sensei Sam Edward Brook 2nd dan

2nd Dan Samurai Jujitsu
2nd Dan Combat Jujitsu
2nd Dan Kagaku Michi Tekio Bujutsu (Scientific Street Applicable Martial Arts)
2nd Dan Combat Bujutsu
5th Kyu Shidokan Karate
6th Kyu Ki Aikido
I began training in Samurai Jujitsu in the year 2000 training under James Burns at Barlby Jujitsu club. And after only a few weeks I attended 
my first seminar and trained under Masters Ray Huggins and George Ross, the latter has had a tremendous influence on my training and has taken 
the role of my mentor over the years which I have known him. 

I continued training in Samurai Jujitsu and after 10 years at the age of 16 I passed my adult 1st Dan under Sensei Patrick Powders which became my
 first black belt. Alongside jujitsu I began to diversify my training in the form of kickboxing, Korean kickboxing and MMA, however it is in the 
traditional martial arts where my passion truly lies. 

In the autumn of 2011 I was awarded my 2nd Dan in Samurai Jujitsu, as well as in the other arts listed at the top of this page. And at the present time
 I am training 6 nights per week, training in Jujitsu and Bujutsu as wall as Shidokan Karate, Aikido, and Kung Fu (which I train under Sifu John Howe) and 
I also actively compete in MMA competitions and am excited to begin competing in Shidokan soon as well.

I have been given the honour of taking over Kippax Jujitsu Club in September 2012 and I am looking forward to meeting the challenge of helping to 
keep the club moving forwards and to pass on my knowledge to the students and to work with them to make us all better fighters. Also there is a potential 
that I may be expanding into opening a Freestyle Self Defence club for both juniors and adults in Kippax at some point in the future so WATCH THIS SPACE!
Martial arts make up a great part of my life.  The decision to have a go at jujitsu back in 2000 was the best decision I ever made. And I will continue training, developing and above all learning for the rest of my life. One piece of advice for anyone reading this, never think you are too good to learn something new. 
As Bruce Lee once said “be water” you must continue to develop and adapt as a martial artist and a person and you can learn something from anyone, 
no matter what grade, age or style, even if all you learn is that the way you do something works better for you than the way they do it, even though 
that does not mean they are doing it wrong.

And finally,

How many martial artists does it take to change a lightbulb?

1 to change the bulb, and 99 to stand and say “my sensei taught me to do it differently to that”

Peace, Sam.

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