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Anthony Dunn

brown april 2013

For my GCSE’s I chose to do Physical Education because I enjoyed school PE lessons and participating in Ju Jitsu. This led me to want to learn more about Exercise and how it helps our bodies. The GCSE involves a practical assessment for different activities, I was assessed in Ju Jitsu for leadership and performance. I asked Sensi Patrick if he could help me with the filming and marking of the performance and leadership. He was happy to help and was a large part of the whole process.

For the Performance I had to meet certain criteria’s with my execution and consistency of the throws. I had help from the whole team of instructors, who gave me feedback on the throws and helped to make sure I completed them to my highest standard. Sensi Patrick organised me a partner to demonstrate with and made sure everything ran smoothly. This meant that I achieved full marks for my performance in Ju Jitsu.

For the leadership I had to lead a group for a whole session including warm ups, cool downs and throws. I was marked
on my communication and demonstrations as well as my feedback for performance. Sensi Patrick helped me to organise a group and helped me to get permission from all participants as well as film the whole session. This meant that I also achieved full marks for my leadership of Ju Jitsu. This practical mark was added to my theory mark which meant that I achieved an A* grade overall for my GCSE in Physical Education. I thanked the whole instructor team of sensi for their support and help during the assessments, because I would not have been able to achieve the grade I did without their help. This grade in my GCSE then prompted me to take Physical Education at A level in the sixth form.

Once again there was a Practical assessment for my performance and Sensi Patrick agreed to help me straight away and came an hour early to help me get all of the criteria that I needed to film to a high standard. Sensi Mike aided me throughout by giving me feedback on all of the moves and helping me with the variations from our syllabus so that all of the throws where filmed to a high standard. 

Sensi Mike was essential for this because of his sheer knowledge of the throws and techniques. The team of Sensi’s also helped throughout by demonstrating techniques and giving me tips on how to improve the throws. They where instrumental for me because it meant I achieved 24 out of 30 for my performance in Ju Jitsu, which is graded just below regional standard of performance. This meant that when my theory exam and practical scores where added together, I achieved grade A at A/S level for my Physical Education. But the support from the whole Sensi team and other participants allowed me to obtain this grade particularly Sensi Patrick and Sensi Mike who where part of the whole process. During my first year at sixth form I was given the opportunity to complete an additional qualification - Community Sports Leadership Award.

This involved ten hours of volunteering to lead a sports session in the community. Sensi Patrick was more than happy to allow me to lead ten sessions for the juniors and was there to help me with anything that I needed. This meant that I passed the award after completing all of the course work to compliment the ten voluntary hours.