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Sensei Jackie, 1st dan


Hi, I’m Jackie, I live it Leeds with my husband Andy, the designer of this fantastic web site, (he made me say that.) and our three daughters Sophie, Hazel and Isabelle.

I first heard about Jujitsu when Sophie was only 8 or 9 years old. I used to take her, along with her cousin to one of the old classes and I would sit and wait. Sensei Patrick would sometimes use me as a uki to show the kids a move. One day I was assaulted in the street and something he had done just popped into my head and it worked. After that I asked if I could join the association and learn other moves. I’ve never looked back since.

I was awarded my black belt last year and still cannot believe it. I usually run the junior and intermediate classes at the Kippax Sports Centre. All the students there are like my extended family. I also train and coach at the John Smeaton Sports Centre.

I’m looking forward to when Sophie and Hazel get their black belts and when Isabelle can join. We will be the black belt family. How cool is that.


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