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Weapons training


In the twentieth century, Jujitsu was introduced to the West by a variety of masters, and became a very popular martial art. Weapons are an important part of our training. We use Jo, Tonfa, Nunchuka, Sai, Bo, Katana, Eskrima sticks, Kubatan, Knives. As students reach certain Kyu levels the will be expected to perform a weapon's kata that is associated with the relevant Kyu level. 

Our clubs has weapons DVDs that can be borrowed by students - see Sensei Patrick for details.

Below further information on some of the weapons we use...all these weapons are available at each training session for students to use (under supervision, until fully trained).

Click on a weapon for further information........

                      jo 2          tonfa 2         nunchuka 2      sai 2     bo 2    katana 2


Click here for our weapon's brochure and speak to Sensei Patrick for purchase details

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