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Sensei Mark, 1st dan


I started Jujitsu nearly 6 years ago, simply because my dad wanted me to stop trying to beat him up, so he looked around for a club to try out, and here I am. I also had a defined interest in martial arts, which went beyond karate kid and any other martial arts film, it was mainly fuelled by my interest in the samurai and to this day that has sparked a love for Japan and Jujitsu. 

As cool as it is to finally have gained a black belt in less than 6 years, I’m not really looking to rush ahead as fast as possible, as my goal isn’t to get an ego boost out of this –although it is nice- but I’ve realized that the streets aren’t a nice place anymore, so Jujitsu has given me a way to stand in good stead if faced with a threat.  

As depressing as that sounds I still see Jujitsu in the same way I have done for nearly 6 years, and that’s as a second family of sorts, and that’s no joke, over the past years the senior guys have really supported me and I’m glad I have had the chance to work with them and look forward to many more good times.

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