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Sensei Stacy, 4th dan

Stacy for profile

I have been doing Ju-Jitsu for around 13/14 years, i started training in a small club in Woodlesford, which eventually expanded in to the Academy where I taught and trained around 7-8 times a week. With all this training my fitness levels peaked and I worked my way up to Brown Belt black tag quite quickly.

At the annual seminar which that year was held in France I graded for my Black belt and had the honor of being graded by Ray Huggins 10th dan in Ju-jitsu. I have continued training and have made my way up to 4th dan black belt now which was awarded to me by Soko George Ross at this years seminar in John Smeaton.

I teach the Riccall Club every Tuesday at the Regen centre and I am extremely proud of my students.

Doing Ju-jitsu has made me a confident independent person and i would not be the person I am today if I had never done it.

I always have and always will love doing Ju-Jitsu it’s not just about the training it’s about the people I train with and the other instructors I have the privilege of training with. In today’s world you need to be able to look after yourself and I feel always confident that if I ever needed to, I could.

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