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Martin Price

Martin Black

I am originally from Doncaster, moving to Leeds in 1990. I am the managing director of a local carpet & flooring firm, Garforth Carpets.

I have always had an interest in martial arts through watching the films. I eventually got round to finding a local martial arts club & decided to join. my main aim was to be able to defend myself & family should the need arise & for fitness.

Originally I started martial arts mid 1990`s in wado-ryu karate achieving a 2nd kyu purple belt, I was then introduced to ju jitsu through a mutual acquaintance of Sensei Patrick & myself, which is where our friendship began. Through martial arts I have learnt many things, self defence, a new kind of self discipline & a higher level of respect for others but to name a few , I have also gained a lot, good friends, self respect, self esteem & a quiet confidence.

I have only recently rejoined the club after an absence of approximately 7 years & apart from a few new faces it was like I had never been away & was made to feel welcome from the minute I walked through the door, I now have my eldest son & my partners son as members of the club both who I have seen grow as people due to ju jitsu, after a year of catching up on techniques I recently graded for my 2nd kyu purple belt & was recently made assistant instructor by Sensei Patrick Powders which gives me great satisfaction been able to help younger members & to see them progress as martial artists & grow as people.

My personal goal now is focusing on the all important 1st Dan Black Belt by December 2010.

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