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Sensei Andy

On the 28th August 2008 I was awarded my 1st dan and I'm deeply grateful to the instructors who have guided me over the past 8 years.

I look forward to many, many years of continued training and hope that I can impart some of my knowledge to other students.  Sensei Fiaz and I recently started training in Panatukan, Eskrima and Jeet Kune Do, which are great arts taught in a realistic manner...

I have achieved many academic and non-academic awards during my life; the award of shodan far supassess any of these awards...Grading picture

I've found many definitions of ju jitsu, but the one I like is "the gentle art". To me ju jitsu is a very real martial art, by that I mean it can be applied to real life situations where you are threatened or attacked. 

I believe it's a proven art, used by samurai warriors after they were disarmed or unhorsed and it is used by many of the world's armed forces.

I've trained, all be it for short period of time, in karate, kenpo ryu and, while I was in the army, combat self defense. Although these martial art forms were interesting, I gravitated towards ju jitsu. My wife, Sensei Jackie, who is a black belt at our club, introduced me to ju jitsu around 8 years ago and I've never looked back! My two step daughters, Sophie and Hazel,  also train in ju jitsu and are brown/black belts this year. My daughter, Isabelle, who is 5 started a few months ago and she was awarded her white belt/red tacg recently!

Initially, ju jitsu appears a simple art; which, in a sense, it is. On the other hand I never stop learning and improving my techniques. I'm always trying to improve my ju jitsu skills and even a fundamental ju jitsu technique, such as ‘o goshi’ (hip throw), is a complex move. It has to be refined and modified when used against larger or smaller opponents, and how you apply it is also dependant on whether you use the throw when being punched, kicked or while being held in an upright position.

I've never had to use ju jitsu and I hope I never will. I suspect if I did I'd us a simple strike to the throat! Ideally, thought, I'd try to prevent getting into such a situation and, where possible, I'd remove myself from the scene without having to use any technique....

My hobbies outside ju jitsu are varied: I like to spend time mountain biking, golfing and playing poker....as for ambitions..well, I'd like to travel across America..visiting as many interesting places as possible....on a Harley Davidson......

I'd encourage everyone who visits this site to spend some time looking at the techniques page 'techniques page' and come along and join us….we’re a very welcoming club….

Go in peace.