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Sensei John 1st dan

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I live in Leeds and I started Jujitsu in April 2000 when I was just 12, and went to accompany my brother, but to also simply see what jujitsu was like...

 I had been to Judo classes a couple of times before I attended jujitsu, I never seemed to stay on and as a kid got distracted easily and as a result ended up leaving every time.

I found Jujitsu interesting from day one and it still interests me to this day due to the people and instructors around me and the style of the martial art itself.

The day I got my black belt was my proudest moment at the club, but I knew soon after I started that it wasn’t the black belt which is the only reason to attend, it’s the experience and good laughs on the way up, and the knowledge that I have acquired to now teach students.

 I look forward to more great times and training with the people at the association.

“Be just, and fear not”