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Black Belt

The following students have been awarded
their Black Belt (1st Dan
Congratulations to Martin Price who was awarded his Shodan Black belt by Shihan Patrick on the 21st July 2011
Martin Black Martin Black 3


A message from Sensei Patrick...

"Congratulations to our new Shodan Black Belts Sensei Fiaz Jones - John Smeaton, and Sensei
Lewis Georgiou - Kippax.  Well done to both of them - we hope that they are looking forward to the
next stage of their learning path in Jujitsu.  A big thank you also to both Sensei Jackie Sheader and
Sensei Mike Douglas, who assisted them with their black belt training"
lewis grading
lewis grading 2
Lewis with kippax group
Lewis Georgiou with the Kippax instructors
A very proud day for Lewis!!
Lewis with Kippax students
fiaz bb 2 fiaz bb fiaz bb3
Sensei Fiaz and Sensei Patrick
Sensei Fiaz (March 2009)
Sensei Fiaz welcome to the gang!
Grading picture
andy and patrick
Sensei Andy Sheader (1st Dan)
Sensei Andy and Sensei Patrick
Sensei Andy with his Ukis, Sempai
 Fiaz  and Andy (many thanks!) 

9168016 9168012 9168011
                                   Sensei Anthony                                      Sensei Chris                                     Sensei Alex
 IMG_4479 Sophia Kieran Daniel BLACK  
                              Sensei Kieran         Sensei Sophia            Sensei Daniel  
                                Sensei Jordan