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Fiaz Jones (1st Kyu)

Fiaz instructorHi, I've been a member of the Association for around 7 years and I've been training in martial arts for over 22 years.

I currently hold a 1st dan in Kick-boxing, 1st dan in Ju Jitsu and a green belt in karate.

Of the many throws I enjoy in ju jitsu the most  enjoyable is the back scissors, which I've finally nailed after many years of practice.....

Outside ju jitsu I have many hobbies including mountain biking, snowboarding and  socialising.

I'm a self employed painter and decorator (need some work done, let me know.....!).

My son, Brandon also trains and he's an orange belt; I'm extremely proud that he trains and I can't wait for Imogen, my daughter, to start training...

Click here for more of Fiaz's grading pictures.....

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